All Aboard Orlando to Miami, Florida (AAF)

All Aboard Orlando to Miami, Florida (AAF)

Icon April 19, 2017
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For those who are planning to go to Orlando, Florida, here’s good news — Florida East Coast Industries (FECI) is developing an environment-friendly way to travel from Orlando to Miami.

Traveling through all parts of the south and central Florida will be much easier and convenient for the traveler as the company behind this new venture is developing the blueprint of the rail network. This enormous passenger rail service will consist of 195 miles of rail track joining the heartlands of Florida and its inner center to the southern counties. The rail passage will run down the eastern coast of Florida, where several large cities are fast evolving into booming communities and prevalent hotspots for visitors. The large cities of Tampa and Jacksonville will be added at a later stage in the project.

From Orlando, Florida, you’ll soon be able to hop aboard the “All aboard Florida” rail system and go as far to the south as Miami and stop off at West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale on the way. Certainly, the trip from Miami going back to Orlando can also be made.

The precise locations of the stops on the journey — Miami’s stop will be at the heart of downtown; the same point applies to the cities of West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Truly, all locations will give commuters easy access to international airports, seaports, and existing and future rail, coach, and taxi hubs. A good example of it is the Orange County transit system of Sun Rail and Metro Mover and Metro Rail in Miami-Dade County.

It has been a common issue that Florida’s roads are getting too jammed with traffic. The AAF rail system will improve much of this. Besides, not only holidaymakers, leisure trackers, and residents are expected to use the service, but international visitors and the business community too.

This innovation will be for everyone and passenger operations are anticipated to start by 2016. Once it becomes operational, the journey time between Orlando and Miami will only take three hours.

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