Orlando Florida: Activities Under $100

Orlando Florida: Activities Under $100

Icon January 24, 2018
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Orlando is home to Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, and other amusement parks. Regrettably, these tremendous and magnificent amusement parks come with big price tags and sometimes, long waiting times. Instead of spending $100 or more at these parks, why not think about our list of events under $100!

Get a bird’s eye view from the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye

Want to experience the sights of Orlando, particularly during the sunset? Take a ride on the Coca-Cola Orlando Eye. You will be able to see the city from 400 feet in the air and they offer the Champagne Experience for individuals who are 21 and up. Buy your ticket ahead of time and save 10%!

If you want something sweet, visit the World of Chocolate Museum and Cafe.

This excursion takes you through the inceptions of chocolate and its rich history. The sculpture section in the museum has 25 solid chocolate figures on exhibition such as the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower.

Explore how chocolate is made and what equipment is utilized to make it. The trip also includes a visit to the tasting room for chocolate samples. Tickets are available here.

Want to tour the city but still want to have fun? Do City Quest!

Operation City Quest hosts a real-life scavenger chase that you can play on your mobile phone. The objective of the hunt is to locate objects in the city and record experience! This collaborative activity may involve street challenges or answering trivia questions for additional points. Book your City Quest for a fun experience here.

Go out for a stroll on the wild side at Gatorland!

Orlando is renowned for its alligators, so why not fancy a tour to Gatorland and take the Screamin’ Gator Zipline ride? Gatorland highlights other wildlife, too, and even has four rare white alligators. You may also join events in the park such as the Gator Wrestlin’ Show, where you will learn a few survival tips. Buy your ticket here.

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