Things to know

With a little bit of knowledge, the more fun you will have

Things to know

Before you travel to Orlando, it pays to be prepared and here you can start those preparations that we recommended to make your trip to the sunshine State even more enjoyable.

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In our humble opinion, planning ahead is essential especially if it’s your first visit to a new place like Orlando. The basics of what to pack, tips on keeping your money and valuable possessions as safe as possible and how to keep protected and safe in the searing heat and potential high humidity.

Start by checking out our Planning Ahead page which will give you the essential information of what to pack as the weather can be very changeable through out the year, keeping your money safe and knowing which are the best options when booking tickets and visiting theme parks.

Next, take a look at our page about taking international flights when travelling to Orlando and how to best book that car rental (if you intend to drive), using taxis and buses and the best ways to get to the main theme parks.

For foreign visitors, you may need to understand the US Dollar currency denominations including their coins and how to mentally and quickly calculate to your own currency for reference.

Also check out our jargon buster page to ease you into the local speak and not get caught out between your crisps and chips!


So here’s a simple category list of ‘things to know’ that you will also find on this website and help you compile all the information you will probably need.

Theme/Water parks – there are many in and nearby Orlando including the Tampa area.

Florida Beaches – Orlando being right in the middle of the State of Florida has two equi-distance coastlines to explore with many beaches north and south along each coastline.

Accommodation – vacation homes or hotels? Do some research and get know the pros and cons of each. it will save you money!

Transportation – get clear on the terms and conditions for renting a car, understand the public transport system (if you intend  to use them) and know where the shuttle buses operate.

Eating out – locate nearby restaurants, diners and take-aways to where you intend to stay and also check out the dinner shows at various theme parks too.

Eating in – shopping for food will help the budget and there are many, many supermarkets. Make sure you know where there are around you and the best value for money options.

Shopping – Premium outlets and shopping malls (some are based inside and some outside – all are air conditioned) plus many retail parks and down-towns will keep you busy for sure. There all have good parking facilities and most have on the ground security patrols too.

Enjoy your vacation 🙂