Orlando: The Sunshine state of Florida!


Central Florida, or “Sunshine State” fulfils this nickname due to the relatively dry and sunny climate for most months of the year. However, weather is something you will DEFINITELY want to consider of as it can strongly fluctuate depending on the time of year. By familiarising yourself with Orlando’s weather patterns, you can benefit from ensuring you plan accordingly to maximise enjoyment on your vacation!

So when should you visit?

Summer time?

The summer season (June -August) is largely characterised by scorching sunshine and high humidity. Fortunately, there is daily afternoon/early evening thunderstorms to reduce some of the airs stickiness! PHEW!

With such humid weather conditions, factoring in when to visit the theme parks is something we advise you to consider. Whilst theme parks are a great way to keep you occupied throughout the day, it is not advisable to be at them all day long as it is extremely hot and waiting in the long queues can be draining.

TIP: It may be that early morning visits to the parks are more ideal to avoid some of that daunting heat and often rides queues are not as busy during this time.

However, if you are planning to spend the majority of the day at the theme parks during summer months, remember to wear hats, stock up on sun lotion and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration!

(BUT… Keep in mind that peak season for the theme parks are during summer months as schools are on holiday).

How about during  the Autumn?

Autumn months (September/October) are also a popular time for tourists to visit Orlando as the weather is still hot enough to swim in the pool or visit the beach, but not as humid as during summer months.

Theme parks and other popular attractions are typically less busy as the majority of tourists have gone back to school.  However, be aware that hurricane season is from June – November and particularly from late August onwards. This can mean rain/thunderstorms are likely to occur and do not have a particular time onset as during the summer months.

And winter?

Many tend to prefer visiting between the months of November- January as the weather is much cooler, but still warm, averaging out 25°c and hence makes a popular winter time destination. However, having a jacket or a jumper handy will be useful as temperatures can drop to around 14°c, particularly in the evenings.

It is beneficial to carry a light waterproof jacket or poncho when visiting theme parks and generally to have one on you when in Orlando as the weather can be unpredictable and rain showers can occur instantly.

Don’t panic if you don’t have these items- you can always pick them up at a local supermarket or can buy ponchos at the theme parks (Although this is likely to be more expensive!).


Check out the Florida Hurricanes website resource for the latest information
on weather patterns, warnings and other useful meteorological data.