Other Attractions

Want to see more than just theme parks?

Other Attractions

Whilst most famous for its impressive collection of theme parks, that’s not all Orlando has to offer! Home to stunning scenic parks, impressive golf courses, lively music events, large interactive museums, and incredible shopping choices, there truly is something for everyone!

So what excursions can you visit?

With so much choice, it can be difficult to know where to start. To help you get an idea and make your vacation an unforgettable experience, read below for a brief description of some of the most popular Orlando attractions that are waiting for you!


Located just a 20-minute drive from Orlando’s airport is Gatorland, the “Alligator capital of the world”. Home to hundreds of alligators, crocodiles and other wide life including bobcats, turtles, flamingos and birds, this park offers heaps of family fun and excitement!

Popular attractions include:

The Gatorland Express Tour – a 15-minute train journey through the park where you can observe animals in their natural habits.

Gator Gully – a water area featuring fountains and squirt guns to let you kids run wild and cool down as well as dry play area where children and adults can have a rest.

Screamin’ Gator Zip Land – a thrilling ride over the alligator exhibits! Are you brave enough!? This popular ride. This ride is also wheel chair accessible.

The park also offers great photo opportunities where you can have your picture taken next to the alligators and have hands on experience feeding them!

Whether learning facts about these fascinating creatures, enjoying close encounters with the alligators, or swinging from a zip line, this family-friendly destination provides plenty for all ages to enjoy!



 If you plan to visit the park in the morning, we recommend you first visit the ‘swamp walk’ as the animals are usually more interactive at that time of the day.

It is best to book the Zip line ride in advance to ensure you get a go! Throughout the day, this wild ride gets very busy with a limit of up to groups of 12 people at several times a day.

Visit the official website for further information and to reserve your place on this ride.



Located on the International drive is the wonderworks attraction – a funky looking, upside down building which has many interactive exhibits and excursions inside to challenge your minds!

Both an educational and entertaining experience, have the chance to ride earthquake and hurricane simulations, design a roll coaster, fly a jet, play laser tag and much more!

The Orlando Eye

A Ferris wheel that offers a 20-minute ride to view Orlando’s skyline by day or night.

Reaching as high as 400ft, the Orlando eye provides an incredible panoramic view of this area where you can see as far as some of the theme parks and other attractions in Orlando.


iFLY Orlando


Want to have a taste of what it would be like to fly? Then visit Ifly Orlando – an indoor flying excursion where accompanied by an instructor, you will be able to float in the air like a true superhero! Powered by a huge wind tunnel, the flight chamber invites you to have the ultimate freefall feeling experience. The whole flight experience lasts approximately 2 hours.

Visit the official website to learn more on what to expect and the steps involved in your flying journey.

Fun Spot America

The clue is in the name – here you can expect heaps of FUN!

This amusement park has everything from roller coaster rides for all ages (including the tallest sky coaster in the world), to go-karting adventures and numerous arcade games! Whether you are a fan of heights or prefer to stay on the ground, there is entertainment to suit all!

Designed for the whole family to enjoy, this park further provides free parking, free entry and free Wi-Fi! What more could you want?!

See further information by visiting the official website here.



Chocolate Kingdom

An informative and enjoyable tour that takes you on a 45-minute journey of how a chocolate bar is made – from Bean-to-the-Bar- Factory utilising old world machinery, learn how a simple coco bean develops into a tasty and delicious bar. 

Each tour has its own guide who will take you through the Mystical River of Chocolate and the One-Of-A-Kind Chocolate Museum where there will be a chance to create your own chocolate bar.

For all you chocoholics, this is a real treat!

Dinosaur World


A 20acre theme park, dinosaur world is a family- fun park where you can take yourself back to the existence of dinosaurs, stand by life sized statues of them and learn all about these incredible predators that once walked this earth!

Popular excursions within the park include:

The Dino Gem Excavation – here you can find real minerals and gems.

Fossil Dig – where your kids can practice their palaeontology skills by finding lots of different and cool fossils that they can them take home as souvenirs!

Mammoths: Giants of the Ice Age – go back to times of the Ice Age and wonder among these large mammals as you learn all about their existence and behaviours.

The park also offers a range of animations and museums where you can further learn fun facts about your favourite dinosaurs and different types of fossils.

Click to find out more about the parks excursions, prices and tickets.


Orlando’s Tree Trek Adventure Park

Here you will be able to climb trees and swing on ropes like Tarzan!

With ziplines, nets, ropes and other accessories, you can expect an unforgettable adventure as you wander this forest park. Safe for everyone as climbers are tightly secured into safety cables, tree trek adventures are tailored towards both children and adults with advanced courses for those who want a more challenging yet fun experience!

With over 90 games or challenges for climbers of all level, you can expect a full day of fun! Each person will have a safety demonstration by trained employees before starting their adventure in the trees.


Book in advance as there is a limited number of climbers allowed at any one time.

Tip: Although designed for those aged 7 and up, there is a required height to participate in the climbing courses. To learn more about this, what Tree trek advantages have to offer and book tickets early, visit the official website here.

Crayola Experience



Located in the famous Florida Mall, Crayola Experience is a funky and colourful attraction providing over 25 hands on activities for your kids to show their creativity. Primarilly designed for younger children, activates include colouring in and outside the lines, painting and gluing as well as exploring the area and enjoying free play.

Popular activities include:

Toddler town – A play area specifically tailored towards your toddlers; with a huge ball maze and a multi-coloured peg board, your little ones will be amused for hours!

Crayon Factory – learn all about how crayons are made via a live show starring colourful crayon characters.

Drip Art – a place where you children can let their creativity out; using melted wax and other crafty tools, watch as your children create an artistic masterpiece!

Be sure to check out the Crayola store in the mall for great souvenirs.

Click to find out about crayola’s other attractions and see if this is a place you would like to visit!

The holy land experience


The Holy Land Experience comprises of an amusement park which brings the Bible to life in an exciting way, featuring performances and many interactive activities.

To learn more about the excursions inside this park and/or book tickets, visit the official website.


Golf and Mini Golf

With sunny whether all year round in Orlando, Florida, Golf season is every season! Featuring over 150 vibrant and spacious green golf courses and golf tournament, Orlando is truly a golfer’s heaven! Be sure to look out for several mini golf excursion courses located along the international drive which make for an exciting family-fun experience!



Lake Eola


Lake Eola is a beautiful nature park located in downtown Orlando.

Immerse yourselves among the park’s calming scenery and take a peaceful stroll along the lake side. Enjoy features of the park including swan paddle boats as well as the chance to feed swans and other birds.

Here you can also appreciate great views of Orlando’s skyline.

Be sure to catch a wonderful performance at the Walt Disney amphitheater nearby if you’re looking for some great entertainment! Being Central of Orlando’s downtown, Lake Eola park is surrounded by many shops and restaurants, making it a vibrant area with plenty to do when you visit.


Tibet- Butler Nature Preserve

Another favourite park where you can escape from the chaos of the roller coasters and the excessive heat is the Tibet- Butler Nature Preserve.

A place to truly connect with nature, this preserve providers a peaceful, refreshing and calming atmosphere for all.

Whether you decide to take a relaxing stroll in the shaded scenery, or explore any of the 6 short trails the park offers, look out for wildlife including butterfly’s, birds, and tortoise. On more rare occasions, you may get to see bobcats and even bald eagles.



Winter Park

Or perhaps catch a 1 hour scenic boat tour where you can unwind as you travel through the lake and have the chance to observe beautiful and lush scenery as well as lots of wide life in their natural habitats. Click to learn more about the Winter Park area and what other attractions lie nearby.

The Orlando Science Centre


Do you have an interest in science?

The Orlando Science Center is a large museum which encourages learning and knowledge in a fun and exciting way using many interactive and engaging activities.

The museum has activities tailored towards toddlers, older children and adults making it perfect for the whole family to enjoy. With four floors of science to explore, there is plenty to see and keep you busy for a good few hours!

This museum is a great place to visit if the weather is poor/rainy as this museum is fully indoors!

To read more about what this museum has to offer, visit the official website here.

Whilst these are some of the most well known attractions, you are bound to find many more along the international drive and around other areas in Orlando! And that’s not all! Orlando also has plenty of shopping malls and outlets for you to enjoy.

Be sure to check out our Beyond Orlando page if you want to see what other attractions you may wish to visit on your vacation in Florida, including beautiful beaches, Bush Gardens and the Kennedy Space Center.