Universal Studios Resort

Universal Orlando

There are two main parks in Universal Studios Resort – Universal studios Florida and Islands of Adventure. Both offer a range of rides and entertainment that are not to be missed!

So what's the difference between these parks?

Universal Studios

The park contains many themed roller-coaster and stimulation rides based upon well known film and TV shows.

Popular rides and attractions include: the TerminatorMen in Black, the Simpsons (or “SPRINGFIELD” – Simpsons city), the Transformers, the Blues Brothers, Revenge of the Mummy, Back to the Future and many more!

There is also a “superstar parade” that runs throughout the park and includes many themed floats from TV shows including SpongeBob Square Pants and Despicable me – something the kids will enjoy!

The parade also consists up of lively music and dancers, creating a very festive and friendly atmosphere. Be sure to give it a watch!


Islands of Adventure

This is the universal park where many of the more thriller rides and roller coasters lie! (a definite must if you are a fan of the more scary and wild rides!) The park is split into the following areas:

Toon Lagoon – this area of the park is largely where you will find the water rides. It is almost impossible to avoid getting splashed/soaked, so it may be an idea to bring a towel with you.

Jurassic Park – you’ve guessed it! It is themed around the Jurassic park films and also contains various water rides. Beware that the roller-coasters here are typically more wild and intense than other rides among the park and may be scary/intimidating for younger children.

Marvel – Home of the superhero characters, there are rides based around marvel films where you can find the Hulk and the amazing adventures of Spiderman 3D rides. This is a great place to take your kids if they are marvel superhero fans and sometimes the characters will even come out and say hi!

Suess Landing – This is a popular area for kids as it is very colourful and has rides that are much more gentle and tailored towards younger children. Here your little ones can let their imaginations run wild as they explore magical excursions including The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, If I Ran the Zoo and many more!



Toon Lagoon can be a great way to cool off during the day, especially on days where there is high humidity and scorching sunshine.

Within these parks, you will find endless shops and stools where you will be able to purchase themed merchandise. There is also the Universal City Walk for guests to explore; it runs as a gateway between these universal parks and offers a range of entertainment and shops to explore!

Additionally, there are many cuisine and dinning choices to experience; whether you want to dine in a restaurant, pop into a café or simply grab a snack from one of the street stools, there is something to suit all appetites!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Can the Wizarding World of Harry Potter also be found in the Universal Parks?

Yes it can!

Whilst many Harry Potter attractions can be found in the Islands of Adventure park, some of them are also located at Universal Studios. The Wizarding world of Harry Potter encompasses many rides and attractions based directly on the books and films, including a real life ‘Hogwarts Express’ train that links up the universal parks by travelling between them.

Within Universal studios, you will find the famous Diagon Alley waiting for you! Here you will be able to visit Gringotts Bank, featuring life size goblin characters from the films.

Just next to this in the Islands of Adventure theme park, you will be able to immerse yourself within Hogsmeade village itself! Dive into the Wizarding World as you begin to recognise many shops from the films, including Ollivander’s Wand Shop and The Three Broomsticks where you can purchase and taste a nice Butterbeer . There are also stools and carts throughout the streets of Hogsmeade where you can pick up harry potter themed souvenirs/merchandise including chocolate frogs, bottles of pumpkin juice and much more!

Be sure to look out for seasonal offers and events taking place during Halloween and over the Christmas period!

If you buy a universal ticket, you can get admission to both universal studios and the Islands of Adventure park. Most tickets are sold as park to park ticket, giving you full access to all these attractions – Let’s just say YOU WONT BE BORED!

For further information and to purchase tickets, visit the official universal website.